the morning danach

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my (first coffee on the morning after…After a very long day (including the night), this blog is finished. Amazing how fast this went, although I never used WordPress (the actual Blog-Software I use for this website) before. SI wonder, if I ought to write the posts in English, oder doch besser auf deutsch (German), damit es auch meine Grosseltern lesen können. Maybe I’ll stay multilingual: certain posts in English, certain posts (probably those relating to my US and A journey) in German.

How ever, I’m glad you visited my brand new blog and you find it interesting. I’d appreciate any feedback or ideas concerning the blog, the design or, offcourse, the posts.

see you soon, noel

Ps. My experiences after the first real post: The editor is like sh.. kind of buggy: it won’t show the link dialog and some other stuff in safari – and worst of all, each page-break vanishes after saving. With firefox, the last one or two letters are continuously hidden when I type – very confusing. Also, the way to include pictures is so poor, I shouldn’t even mention it. There is some more tuning required to make this work, I guess. (I never liked the news.namics editor very much, but now, I actually miss it)



I’m a full-stack developer living and working in Switzerland. I love to craft elegant and fast websites using powerfull tools that look great and are easy to use. My passion for good looking and even better working software lead me to try new things all the time – I guess, that makes me a classic digitalpixelnerd.


  • Markus Koller sagt:

    Ahhh, jetzt kann man auch Kommentare erfassen. War bisher mit einem Login belegt. Also, dann Happy Posting!

  • noelboss sagt:

    Jup, das habe ich rausgenommen. Kenne mich noch nicht so recht aus mit dem Blog-System. Muss mich da erst einige Erfahrungen sammeln… Feedback ist daher sehr willkommen! Danke für den Comment :-)

  • Oma sagt:

    Da isch aber scho no nät wenn denn au mol öppis uf Tütsch chunnt, äbe, dass es d’Grosseltere au chönt veschto. Se you morn.