My Leopard Dock (update)

As some people noted, the new dock has a unnatural wave-reflection, which makes the whole dock mor nervous than it already is. I decided to change that reflection into something more logical and made a bow… You can download the modified dock images here: Rounded Reflection [1.6MB]. The grey indicator-triangles I use are made by Blast Hardcheese, found at I like them much more than the original Leopard indicators because you can see way better, wich applications are running.

Rounded Reflection: Dock without the wave-reflection

Update 1:
I’m pleased to see, that my dock found some attention and has been „awarded“ :-)

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  1. Tom sagte:

    Sag mal wie kommt das Icon von Lotus Notes Anfang November 2007 in dein Dock? Zu diesem Zeitpunkt gab es doch noch lange keine Beta von Notes 8 für Mac OS X?

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