The missing Stepp of the jailbreak readme!

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Whoosaa…. Yesterday I came across this and this posts, leading me to the new 1.1.2 jailbreak.

Let me tell you, don’t upgreat your iPhone to 1.1.2 (yet) if you SIM-Unlocked it previously or if you have no intention to use it with AT&T, O2 or T-Mobile (Germany).

Doing so is not for the faint of heart. I ran into a fiew many problems… All starting with the poor documentation of the new jailbreak 1.1.2: why can’t they write a descent description for their jailbreak? The readme says:

„Note: Please note this method only works on iTunes activated phones or iPod touches“.

But thats not true: The jailbreak works perfectly on any phone, no matter how it was activated – unless of course, you jailbreak it. Then you are really fu**** up and your are stock at the activation screen. At the very end of the readme, after you upgraded your phone to 1.1.2, stepp 5 tells you how to jailbreak the iPhone – With no further hint, that after you jailbroke your iPhone, you can’t use it, because you can only activate it trough iTunes with a carrier-contract. If, at this point, the readme would say „Stepp 6: Activate your 1.1.2 jailbroken iPhone with iTunes.“ Everything would be fine and I would have never tried to update my iPhone. But it does not. So let me tell you:

Stepp 6: Activate your 1.1.2 jailbroken iPhone with iTunes.

Now you read this post and it’s already to late? There is help: Use this guide (mac only), to revert your Phone to 1.0.2, then downgrade the baseband and upgrade to 1.1.1 again. Once on 1.1.1, use this (easy) guide to jailbreak and, of course, activate, as well as SIM-Unlock the iPhone.

By the way: if you updated to iTunes 7.5 delete it. Download iTunes 7.4.2, start iTunes and create a new, temporary library (the 7.5. library won’t work with 7.4) and use this for the restore procedure. iTunes 7.5 causes additional headaches while downgrading and jailbreaking the iPhone. After you are up and running with 1.1.1, you can download iTunes 7.5 again and use the 7.5 library (to select it, start iTunes with pressed ALT-Key, then select the original 7.5 library)



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  • Andreas Ryser sagt:

    Hallo noelboss
    besten Dank für deine Superanleitung. Dadurch war es mir möglich, mein iBrick wieder in ein iPhone zu verwandeln.

  • noelboss sagt:

    Bitte, schön, dass es jemand gelesen hat… aber die Anleitungen sind ja eigentlich nicht von mir ;-)

    You are welcome