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By 24. 04. 2009Juni 24th, 2009No Comments diedIt was long awaited (or not awaited), now it’s true. The (usedtobe) free Music Streaming Service, as more and more companies do, striped the first w out of www and replaced it with us, gb, de. As of now, you can’t enjoy listening to free musik with anymore outside the US, England and Germany. To see, that more and more companies start crippling the world wide web out of greed, anst or stupidity makes me sad and angry at the same time. The web is, for a great part, as vibrant because its international, freely available nearly everywhere, for everyone. I would be quiet if all users had to pay for but the fact that, just because I am sitting 40 Miles north of an invisible border inside the web, I have to pay for the exact same service is ridiculous.

It’s time to do something against this bad habit more and more companies start to practice. But what? Boycott

Update 24. June 09: I found out a possibility for listening to music from countries outside the supported three. The solutions lies in itself, no additional tools required. Go, pick a Proxy (take a fast one) from this list and copy the IP-address and the Port-Number into the Preferences of under Connection.
Using a Proxy to listen to outside the US, UK and Germany



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