First day

The first day in Brazil was very unspectacular. Most of the day I spent analyzing a viagra-hacked typo3 website. And I finally managed to squeeze money from an ATM.



Tried to enhance my multi-plug to quadruple the amount of devices that can be charged in my room. Harry’s new Swiss-Army-Knife helped a lot – till I realized that the new plug I just placed on the end of my Swiss cable to fit the Brazilian sockets actually didn’t.
Drumhead. The guy at the store warned me. Gotta buy another one tomorrow. Now I’m waiting on the famous Tucano House dinner and my first Caipirinha.


As usual; super delicious dinner at Tucano House

awesome; Passionfrut Caipirinha

Awesome Passionfrut Caipirinha

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  1. Juliana sagte:

    Welcome, dear!!!! I`m glad to know you`re here!!! Hope things get much better! You deserve the best! Take care and have fun (and amazing and lovely days)!!! Kisses!

  2. noelboss sagte:

    Don’t worry, it’s not as bad as it sounds… pretty relaxed. Just unspectacular. But life most of the time is.

  3. evelyn sagte:

    passionfruit caipis, du weisch was mer in brasilie bstellt! cheers&blessings!

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