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Build anything with Notion.

Notion is a simple, affordable intranet that can be used by organizations of all sizes. Notion is designed to make sharing information easy, and it can do so much more than just store files in one place. If you’re looking for an intuitive tool that doesn’t cost a fortune, then this article will tell you everything you need to know about Notion and why it could be the next intranet for your company.

The productivity market is valued at $600 billion, and with the world shifting to a remote work model, there’s never been a better time to find the right tools.

In the market for a new intranet? Wondering what else is out there? Thinking about investing in a new intranet system doesn’t have to be scary. In fact, it’s an exciting time to find the right tools for your business!

Notion is much more than it appears on the surface.

Notion is much more than it appears on the surface.

Notion can be used for all types of purposes, such as team collaboration, business management and project management. Notion has a wide range of use cases because it is flexible enough to be customized for each one. This flexibility can be helpful if you work with multiple departments within your organization that may have different needs when it comes to intranet software.

The most powerful feature of Notion is its ability to combine database and documents in one place.

Notion is a database and document manager. It’s a note-taking app that allows you to keep track of your thoughts and ideas in an organized manner. And it’s also a word processor, letting you create professional documents quickly and easily.

Combining the two makes Notion an unbeatable productivity tool for both personal projects and work tasks.

The best part about using Notion as your intranet is its ability to combine database and documents in one place. You can view all content from different perspectives: as documents, timelines, cards, lists or a combination of both.

Plus, Notion is super easy to use! It has everything you need for managing projects with an intuitive interface that anyone can pick up quickly. What’s more? There are endless possibilities when it comes to building custom solutions within Notion: You can create templates, embed images into posts, add links between documents (and even make them private!), post pictures directly from Google Drive or Dropbox accounts onto interlinked pages…the list goes on! The possibilities are endless when using this platform as both an intranet solution as well as an internal collaboration tool within your organization.“

Flexibility is another one of Notion’s biggest benefits.

In addition to all the benefits mentioned above, Notion is flexible. You can create a custom solution that fits your organization’s needs and goals perfectly. This flexibility allows you to use Notion as a full-fledged intranet—but it also means you can choose what parts of the platform work best for your team and how they’ll be used.

Notion offers multiple ways for users to submit ideas or start discussions, so there are plenty of opportunities for engagement on different topics throughout the process. The faster feedback loop helps teams get more done while avoiding problems before they happen, which improves customer service and satisfaction. In addition, having all this data available in one place makes it easy for managers and supervisors to identify trends in behavior across multiple departments and make adjustments as necessary–or even just give credit where credit is due! This enables them to better understand why decisions were made based on certain factors rather than guesswork alone.

This combination of flexibility and simplicity makes Notion one of my favorite tools for intranet creation because it allows me to build a solution from scratch without having to worry about all the technical details or spending hours searching for plugins that work well together.

Unlike most products available, Notion doesn’t require you to sign up for an expensive enterprise plan.

Unlike most products available, Notion doesn’t require you to sign up for an expensive enterprise plan.

Notion is free, and it’s also available on a paid subscription model that offers additional features like unlimited page history and security features. If you don’t need those extras, though, there’s no reason not to give it a try.

If you’re looking for something easy-to-use and cost effective, you should try out Notion’s free 30-day trial.

If you’re looking for an intranet solution that will help you get organized and keep your team on the same page, Notion is definitely worth checking out.

Notion is a great alternative to other intranet solutions because it has all the features of its competitors—such as unlimited users and pages—but without the hefty price tag. In fact, Notion even has a free personal plan so you can try out their software before deciding whether or not it’s right for your company.


The best thing about Notion is its ability to grow with your company. You can start small and add features as needed, which makes it perfect for everyone from freelancers to large corporations. It’s also worth mentioning that Notion doesn’t require you to sign up for an expensive enterprise plan before you get started—which means that even small businesses can take advantage of this powerful tool! If you’re looking for something easy-to-use and cost effective, then definitely check out Notion today.


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