Yosemite Fixes: Flashing Background – Slow System – Random Hangs – Missing Audio Controls

Last night I installed OS X 10.10 Yosemite and was looking forward to a shiny new OS that’s supposedly working very well. But unfortunately I immediately experienced problems so serious, preventing me from using the new OS seriously:

  • the dock was missing, no application-switcher and worst of all, the background keept on flashing
  • the whole system felt generally sluggish and slow and applications randomly hung or crashed

First I thought it is all related and probably caused by a problem with the dock – it’s not.

Yosemity background flickering and missing dock :

The flashing is caused by a bug of Dashboard. If you have previously enabled Dashboard as a space or at all, disable it; Go to the Mission Controll preference pane and turn Dashboard off:

Disable Dashboard to prevent background flash and missing dock

Unresponsivenes of Yosemite & missing audio controls

The second problem was a general sluggishnes of the OS X 10.10 and apps that would frequently and randomly hang or be unresponsive. Also the audio controls and Audio itself went missing. After digging around and using EtreCheck.app i found that „[failed]com.apple.audio.coreaudiod.plist“ was probably the root of the matter. Turns out the audio-plugin „InstantOn“ used by „Airfoil“ or „Audio Hijack Pro“ by Rogue Amoeba causes all of the problems. Trashing the plugin imidiately solves all Problems: The Mac runs fast, audio returns and apps don’t crash anymore:

Open Finder, open your Harddrive and go to /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/HAL/ and trash „InstantOn.driver“:


Lessons of History

Ultimate Faith

I’m not going to put my ultimate faith in the little gods that can be destroyed in an atomic age, but the God who has been our help in ages past, and our hope for years to come, and our shelter in the time of storm, and our eternal home. That’s the God that I’m putting my ultimate faith in. That’s the God that I call upon you to worship this morning.

M. L. King

Source: The Autobiography of Martin Luther King, Jr.